About Amaya

We are a fair fashion clothing company based in Munich, Germany. Our passion is focused on offering unique, beautiful, artisan clothing pieces that will last a lifetime.

In Amaya you will find garments that will elevate your style and bring new life to your current wardrobe. We believe creativity is a powerful and fun way to uncover all your closet’s potential and promote sustainable fashion. Wear it everyday and look different every time.

Moreover, our artisans are handpicked for their quality and work ethics, allowing us to establish beneficial, long term and most important fair business relationships with them. They are the thread that weave our brand, a fundamental part of who we are.

So we invite you to explore our catalog, visit our instagram for inspiration and contact us if you want to arrange a visit or a call. We favor community over a client base.

Get to Know Us

We are available for visits as well as counsel on how to get the best advantage from your Amaya pieces. Allow us to show you how our vests, dresses, huipiles, jackets, blauses, capes and accessories match your current wardrobe and elevate your style.

Get to Know Us

  • You like your current clothing but you are
    looking for ways to rejuvenate it.

  • You are looking for unique clothing
    pieces that you want to keep forever.

  • You know that by adding some key garments
    you will be able to bring new use no matter the time of the year.

  • You are looking to change your clothing
    shopping habits in favor of sustainable fashion.

  • You want to make sure that your purchase
    truly empowers the artisan that made it.

About Fonder Amaya

Hello I am Georgina,

born in Mexico City, a woman with a constant desire to discover new cities, countries and cultures. It is this mindset that has led me to live in beautiful states like Puebla and Veracruz as well as other countries like Spain, France and Germany.

Since I was a child my mother used to take us on weekends to small towns to enjoy their delicious food, walk through the city center and learn about artisan crafts.

Our house was always decorated in a Mexican style. My mom, an artist herself, has always had a passion for handmade artifacts. It was thanks to her that I undeniably acquired a taste for this type of art. It has always been a passion of mine.

Now, after three years of living in Germany, I have decided to integrate this passion for handcrafts into my livelihood.

I want to bring the wonders of Mexican artisans and thos Latin American countries to Europe. And in this venture, empower the communities that made me fall in love with their work.

I am most passionate about handmade textiles. I have studied the elaboration processes of the artisans. I have listened to their fascinating life stories. I have felt indescribable admiration for their dedication with which they weave their garments. I have felt the love and kindness of my people. All these experiences have led me to establish Amaya.

A company born out of the love for artisan work. For the authenticity and unrepeatability inherited in every piece we create. For the possibility to offer the European community a return to the “buy once, keep it forever” mentality. To provide the opportunity to buy from a brand that cares about the stories and well being of the artisans that create the garments they wear.

I firmly believe that we must have a more responsible attitude towards consumption. Amaya's proposal is based on a unique, fair and slow fashion that contributes to that cause.

Moreover, I also want to contribute to the circular economy by building a brand that takes sustainability seriously.

I want you to feel as passionate as I am about these textiles that speak through their threads, colors and figures. I want you to know that I deeply care about the community of artisans who want to make you feel even more beautiful than you already are.